7 times Lauren Conrad was absolutely right

I love LC. Like major girl crush. I am obsessed. I wish I could still watch her life all the time. *Stalker Alert*. But I think my obsession with her is because she talks absolute sense. Like real sense. She completely understands life sillt little problems, but deals with them in a super classy way. She just comes across so well. Here are some of my favourite things she taught us.

25 Times Lauren Conrad Taught Us All We Need To Know About Life

  This is so true. I find it so hard to open up to people. Like its a real struggle. But the few people that I do open up to, I really treasure. And I don't want to let them go.
No caption needed really. Always think about how you come across to other people. No one likes a bitch.
This is obvious. Love is stupid.
Life isn't fair. It's complicated and shitty, and definitely not fair.
whether you did something or you did nothing...
You're not a good guy because you kept quiet and let something happen. If you knew about it and did nothing you are just as bad as the person that did it.
Lauren Conrad perfect quote SourceI do believe that there are people who want the best for me, but some people don't want that. So you really need to pick carefully about who you want as your close friends.

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