Wednesday favourites: 18.02.15

2015-02-17 09.29.24 This is my first Wednesday favouries. I'm sure all you familiar bloggers will know all about this style post. But for those of you who don't; this is a list of my seven favourite things this week. It will differ from clothes, events, house items, food, etc..

I aim to do this every Wednesday because I just feel like Wednesday is a nothingness day. I am no longer tired from the weekend that's passed, but I feel sad that it was so long ago and I feel it't too early to start getting excited over the weekend coming up. (Unless a super duper event is happening obvs)

1. Holiday shopping

So the time has come for me and Matthew to book our summer holiday. What is a better way of getting over these freeeeezing long days than a bit of holiday browsing?. We are still unsure where to go, but we know that we want to go somewhere hot, with a good nightlife and very good food. We would also like to stay somewhere all inclusive, that's clean and pretty yet cheap so our bank accounts don't hurt too much.


2. Smirnoff Ice

I had one of these bad boys at the weekend with our pub meal, as I didn't want somthing too bloating like Cider and I have recently gone off wine (due to a crazily drunken night out, oooops). I absolutely loved it! It was so refreshing and fun, and I could just drink it like pop. It also made me feel super young again, which made me smile endlessly. I'm sure there are more of these to come.



This gem of a programme is in capitals because, well, it needs to be! And, yes, I know I'm late to the party. But me and matthew have been after a hooking programme for month's, and picked this on a total whim because it was on netflix and I vaguely remember hearing good things about it. If you haven't seen it all I need to say is, it took us 4 days to finish season 1. That's with us going to work inbetween too!

4. The bright and beautiful morning yesterday

I feel like spring is definitely on it's way! The days are getting ever so slightly shorter and it it getting much lighter and brighter. However it is still bitterly cold, and the need for my big winter coat has't quite gone away yet. But I feel like progress is being made..

5. Pancakes

Just because...

6. My sideboard

2015-02-18 08.50.19

I absolutely love my sideboard at the moment. It feels grown up, but simple and pretty. The things on it are relatively cheap, you know Asda and Wilkos kinda job. But I really feel like my house is slowly coming together.

7. Water

Yes, I know water has been around like.. Forever. But I have only recently started drinking it properly. I'm talking the recommended 2 litres a day! And I feel so much better for it. I feel like it gives my sleepy body a bit more energy and I am seeing real results with my skin. I hope I keep that up.

What are your favourite things this week?

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