Hello 2018, Hello Blog...

Hello 2018, Hello Blog...


Happy new year. Long time, no write.

Sparing you of the long re-introduction, I am back. It's a new year, a new start and all that stuff, and I thought it was about time to get back to my little part of the internet that I have neglected recently. 

Like I said, happy new year.

I, for one, absolutely love new year. I love new years eve. All of the glitter, how everyone is full of optimism for the new year, and catching up with one another. I love how everyone goes around giving hugs and kisses, regardless of if you really know them or not.

I also love that first time you write the new year.

Obviously, I am not naive enough to believe everything changes when the new year comes in, but I am confident that it is full of possibility. Things could change, and something instrumental like the changing of a year seems a good time to change something if you want to.

Here's to 2017...

2017 went by in blur. I know they say as you get older, the faster the years go as they are a smaller portion of your life. I don't know how I feel about that but regardless, this past year flew. I really feel like I grew up this year, I learnt so much about myself and it's the first year I feel that I really started to make progress towards some kind of future. The majority of 2017 has been spent working towards 2018, and it's been so exciting and I am so glad it's finally here.

So, now 2018...

This year I have some pretty strong hopes and ambitions. Last year I wanted to pass my driving test, buy a car and really start looking after myself better. Well I did them all I think.

This year heres what I am hoping for:

  • Buy a house. 
    Oh my god, this is scary. Me and Matthew are finally going to be in a position at some point this year to purchase a house. A real, liveable house where we will have to buy grown up things to go inside of it. I could not be more excited, more scared and more intimidated. I can't wait till the perfect little place comes along (please don't take too long).
  • Blog consistently.
    Although I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, I do really want to push myself to create and invent content on here. I want to write, and take photos and share stuff online. I no longer want to post every few months, but really try to be consistent but provide quality(ish) content. Let's see on this one. 
  • Run a 10k. 
    I don't know where this suddenly came from, but it popped into my head around November time and hasn't left since. I absolutely hate running, I am not made for it. However, I love seeing my fitness improve and I would be so proud of myself if I could complete this. It is certainly something I never thought I could even imagine a year ago, so it would be such an achievement. 

So there are some targets. Mainly though, I want to continue to focus on me. 

You do you.

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