A Weekend To Remember...

A Weekend To Remember...

Last weekend I did something that was probably 13 years in the making...

Matthew and I, got up on Friday morning, packed our overnight bag and headed to Manchester. You see, my Mum was a huge Robbie Williams fan and brought me up listening to his songs and watching his live performances. Seeing him live was one of the things I always saw us doing together, and unfortunately I never got to have that experience. So when he was touring this time, I knew it was something I needed to do.

So off we went. Into the city. 

We made a proper break out of it, with a fancy meal, hotel and all...


We decided to go somewhere a little bit nicer than we would usually go to eat. After many a hour scouring TripAdvisor, we decided to settle on Fazendas, which is a Brazilian rodizio. Basically, it is an all you can eat meat shop and it is bloomin delicious. 

We stuffed our faces to the point where I got stitch just walking out of the restaurant. But it was so, so worth it. I am already fantasizing about the minted lamb and cream cheese stuffed peppers.


Let me just tell you something everyone probably already knows... hotels immediately get expensive when a big concert is on. Luckily, we found a relatively cheap one on hotels.com, and it was perfect for what we needed. We stayed at the Pendulum Hotel, which is situated near Piccadilly Station which made it perfect for getting to the Etihad and back. The hotel room was small, but had a comfy double bed and a generous size shower. Unfortunately, the garden bar closed for a private concert, but it looked lovely!


Everyone says Robbie is an entertainer, and that he is. Although I don't listen to his music much now, he expertly merged his new tracks with his older more well known songs. Plus, he even did a couple of famous tributes that got the whole crowd going. Due to where we were sat we couldn't see the whole set, but what we did see was really impressive and a pure show.

The concert was dominated by tributes to the victims of the Manchester terror attack, but that didn't stop anyone singing their heart out and in fact it really added to the ambiance of the evening. If there was anything to make you believe that we stand united and strong, it was that concert.

I loved the whole weekend so much. I just want to do it again. And again. And again.

We're still singing our songs, our songs. 

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