19 things I learnt from being a teenager

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1. School really is the best time of your life, like really.

2. Uni isn't for everyone. But the pressure to go is huge, and it is really hard to tell people otherwise

3. Not everyone has a life plan. Most people just wing it and hope for the best.

4. Friends don't stay your friends forever. They can be hurtful and a good cull now and again is a good thing

5. Boys aren't everything

6. Trying hard at school is cool. It pays off.

7. Eating all the cake and all the dominos and all the chocolate is not a good idea if you want to stay a size 8. It catches up on you. Fast.

8. But McDonalds is always necessary. At all times. With and without reason.

9. Drinking when you are underage is way more fun than when it's legal. You sneaky gal.

10. Boy's don't actually like really easy girls. Who knew.

11. It's okay not to have 84627546268 friends. One good one is way more important

12. Life can be a shitter. But can also be so fun and uplifting. Don't take it all to seriously.

13. Your parents really are the most important people in your life

14. Everyone cries. It is not a sign of weakness.

15. It is far more flattering to wear something that fits rather than squeezing into something too small and looking like a bursting sausage.

16. No one's life is as good as it looks on instagram. Some people just know how to take a good photo.

17. There is always someone worse off, and always someone better off. Sitting in the middle is a pretty good place to be.

18. Vanilla tea, cats and desperate hosuewives are good ways to be happy. Sometimes it's the simple things.

19. Having a full bottle of wine, 2 pints and a few jagerbombs is not a good way to start a night. You will end up hitting people and passing out. Classy.

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