19 reasons why it is never too early to be excited for Christmas


Reasons to be excited for ChristmasI have been hearing off different people their ideas of when Christmas time begins. Some (or most) of you are in full Christmas swing, and have been since Halloween was over. Others swear by the rule that you can't get Christmassy until bonfire night is over. And for other people, Christmas does not start until December 1st. In fact I have a friend that 100% sticks to that rule. She does not even mention Christmas until December. So much so that it has become a bit of a running joke between us.

Me, personally, I love Christmas. And I am more excited for it this year then I ever have been before. Last year we were in the process of moving house, and I had not long started my job. It felt a little rushed and last minute. But this year we are settled in our home and stable in our lives, so we are ready to go at Christmas will full force.

And no I don't think November is too early to be excited. In fact,I think it just about right.

Here's why I am excited for the festive season.

1. Sparkles. Sparkles. Sparkles. Christmas is the time for glitter.

2. The high spirits. Everyone gets far more jolly at Christmas time.

3. The old songs are the best. Who doesn't love a Christmas song. Yes. Lets put Fairy Tale of New York on for the 74837 time!

4. Two Christmas jumpers. One Christmas cardigan. Three Christmas scarves. Ohhh AND Christmas socks! Queue the Christmas clothing.

5. It's the time of year you see all the family. And it's highly likely all of said family will be dressed in ridiculous Christmas jumpers with massive cheesy grins plastered across their faces.

6. It's the only season where it is totally acceptable to eat your entire weight in food and feel totally guilt free. A starter, main, pudding and cheese. Yes please! Can I have extras too?

7. The entire house will be lit up using entirely fairy lights and candles. Just magical.

8. Instagram gets significantly cuter - a pug dressed as Rudolf? A cat asleep by the fire? Can this get any cuter?

9. It is time to get creative. You must have the best Christmas tree on Facebook, or else what is the point?

10. You finally have an excuse to sit in your pyjamas and watch children's films all day. BUUUUUUT ELFS ON! You can't possibly go outside when elf is on. Its against the Christmas law.

11. Christmas is probably the only time that you don't look at your empty bank account and cry, you just think fuck it, it's Christmas!

12. That feeling you get when the John Lewis advert comes on.

13. Prosecco for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Not gonna say no to that.

14. Getting overly excited about a paper hat and some mini screwdrivers. But I won! I won!

15. Finding yourself smiling. Not really knowing why. Just because. Ya'know. It's Christmas.

16. Texting everyone you know saying 'Merry Christmas ya filthy animal' like it's the most original thing you have ever said.

17. Spending so much time wrapping presents, that your gift wrapping starts to look better than the gift inside it. Ribbons be so pretty.

18. Ordering a Hot Chocolate with cream, marshmallows and a side of cake and feeling absolutely no shame whats so ever.

19. Guessing what is going to happen on the hour long EastEnders. Who bets that Phil will die? Anyone?

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