15 of the most important pictures on my camera roll


Camera RolMy camera roll is a strange place. It is somewhere that I know well, yet every time I look through I always find photos I had forgotten.Or photos I didn't even know existed. It's somewhere that I thought I knew well, but don't actually know that well. It is a mixture of food, screengrabs and the odd selfie. It is a mix of instagram ready edits, and photos of Mr Tickles.

I saw this post on Hannah Gale's blog way back when, and it is a post that I have always remembered. It is one where I felt like I got to know her a little better. These days camera rolls are almost like an extension of our personalities anyway.

So here goes.

I hope some of these make you smile, make you think or even just help you get to know me a little bit better.

1. The last photo taken of me and Dad, on my 18th Birthday. Me and Dad

2. The first photo of us in our new house Me and MT

3. Reminding me that fake tan disasters are real, and going out underage was fun Me at 17

4. Knowing that nachos are the answer to everything Nachos

5. Remembering how to respond when people say 'you're so strong' Boiling Water

6. Seeing my mum happy always makes me smile My Mum and Friends

7. Simply the best photo I have ever taken. I am still so proud of it. Photography Skills

8. Reminding me that there are lots of people on my side Hannahs Note

9. Showing me how well my friends know me Friends Know Me Well

10. After the darkness comes light. My lovely niece. Lily

11. Who said a leprechaun and a vampire were an unlikely match? Vampire and Lepricaun

12. Me and my mum when I was younger. I just see me growing into her everyday Me and Mum

13. I can suit hats, and my love of hot chocolate is real Me and MT

14. Sometimes, it's just as hard being a dog as it is being human Barney Bear

15. Always. Snaccident

What are your personal favourite pictures?

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