10 ways to cheer yourself up

Hebden Bridge Walk Lately, I have been feeling really down about little things. Tears have been happening, and a lot of junk food has been consumed. So I put this little list together to try and cheer both me and maybe you up! 1. Buy some flowers Fresh flowers can add cheer to anyone's life. It's a fact. There is something about having some colourful, bright flowers in the house that just makes you feel a little cheery. I always try to pick a bunch with a few different kinds of flowers in then seperate them into a couple of vases, to make the most out of them. Even better if you put them in a few rooms to make you smile where ever you are. Maybe on your desk?

2. Make a nice cuppa Where there's tea there's hope. Right? Sit down for 5 minutes. Drink a cup of the golden (tea not wee). I really find this helps me calm down and recharges my batteries a little bit, cheering me up, as I normally feel down when I am tired. Yes I am a child. I know.

3. Cook or bake something special I find a good home cooked meal can do wonders. There is something so comforting about food like sausage and mash or a spiced curry with a big naan bread. Cook it from scratch with fresh ingredients and it is guaranteed to cheer you up. And if it does go wrong, well then at least you have something to laugh about.

4. Put a feel good song on and have a little dance Text book way of cheering yourself up. My favourites are 'Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen', 'Walking on the Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves' or '9 to 5 - Dolly Parton'. However, if I am in the mood for a proper sing a long then 'You're Beautiful - James Blunt' is always a winner. Don't judge.

5. Dress to impress If I wake up in a particularly down mood then I always try to boost my mood by wearing something that makes me feel good. Or I will try and add a little bit of extra effort into my make up or doing my hair. I often think that when you feel like you look good then you can conquer the world. Who's with me?

5. Re-live your youth Whether this is buying a big bag of pick-n-mix, putting on Jungle Book or looking through old photos. It always makes me smile when I think of my younger self. Especially when I share little stories with people.

6. Text an old friend This is something I have been doing a lot lately, and it has really made me smile. I recently messaged someone who I haven't seen for like 6 years, but I used to be BFF's with, and it was so nice to catch up. Every message made me smile! Infact we are planning on meeting up soon.

7. Turn off your phone for a while Everyone says it. And they're all right. Sometimes having a break from social media can be good for the soul. I worry that all this comparing yourself to the 'glamorous' lives of the insta-famous is doing nothing but damage. And if you are already feeling down then it definitely won't help. I try not to use social media when I am at work so I can have a good break from it. Really concentrate on the great things in your life rather than what other people have.

8. Absorb yourself in another world I do this often when I am struggling with something, or really worried about something. I take my mind of it for a while by escaping to another world. In fact, I read all the Harry Potter books whilst I was going through a really difficult time in my life. Just transfix yourself in a fantasy for a while, then come back to the problem with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. It probably won't be as bad as before.

9. Take a walk I don't do this enough. It is another standard thing to do when you are feeling down, but it really does help. I find that I have my clearest and best thoughts when I do the ten minute walk into work from the train station. It will help you think clearly and the fresh air and light exercise will definitely boost your mood.

10. Smile Fake it till you make it. It is 100% true that when you fake a smile, a natural one will come along soon after. I think that it is too easy to allow yourself to remain in a bad mood, instead try smiling or watching a funny video. Trick your mind into enjoying itself. Honestly, you will be gleaming in no time.

I hope this post helps, even if just a little bit. If you aren't feeling blue, then maybe try one of these things anyway. You know, just for the fun. Let me know how you all get on.

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