8 best things about a Girly Weekend Away


Cartmel You may have seen on Wednesday's post that I had a cheeky little weekend away last weekend. It was all a little last minute and felt a tiny bit rushed. I went out on Thursday night for one of my colleges leaving/goodbye drinks and had a tiny bit too much wine. Story of my life. So was a little fragile on Friday.

When one of my friends asked me if I fancies going away for the weekend, I tried to say no. *insert shocked emoji here*. But between her and MT, they convinced me it was exactly what I needed. It is safe to say I don't spend enough time with the 'girls'. My adult life isn't the Sex and the City dream I once thought every woman had. I am a big worrier and sometimes it stops me just saying yes to things. Yes, I know, it's not a good thing. But maybe that's a post for another day. In the end, the weekend made me realise how good girly weekend's are. They are seriously good for the soul. Here are my favourite things about the weekend.

1. Girly Chatter Since living with a boy the amount of girly conversations I have has plummeted, big time. Although he tries, bless him, it's just not the same. Sometimes it's so good to talk about make up, fake tan disasters and boobs without having any bad looks thrown your way. This weekend was all about the girl talk. At one point my friends little brother actually sighed and said 'do you talk about anything else except boys?' ooops.


2. Food All food. Any food. If its edible it is going to be at a girly weekend, fo'sure. We had chippy, bacon sandwiches, pizza, bbq food, pick-n-mix, chocolate bars and maybe even a cheeky mcdonalds. Sorry but the scales are just a no go after a weekend with the ladies.

3. Multiple outfit and beauty choices You may have only brought one overnight bag, but so did all the other girls. Oh yes. That means you really have 4 lots of clothes to choose from, 4 make up bags, 4 lots of toiletries. What could be better? My friend is really into high end make up at the moment and I get all kinds of excited when I know I am going to be in the same room as her make up bag, not gonna lie. However, she is super tanned at the moment, and I am super not. So most of her make up is just a few shades too dark. Damn it.

4. Slobbing Out Everyone on the trip is your friend. Meaning you probably all have the same thoughts - PJ's all weekend. We may have spent nearly a whole day in our PJ's watching Hollyoaks with about 100 blankets around us. This kind of activity just isn't the same on your own. Being a slob is definitely best when there's a few of you. And you've all got no make up on and hair piled on top of your head. We are attractive creatures really.

5. The Soundtrack No girls weekend is complete without lots of music. If you're anything like us said music is usually a mash up of old school 90s, 00's, early 2010's and current chart stuff. Kate Nash and Lily Allen made a soild appearance. As did Bruno Mars.

6. Photos A group of girls together for a weekend? It's only natural that Instagram is going to take a beating. One of the thing I love about weekends away is all the photos. I also love how between us we can take approx 6000000000 photos but 1 will be liked be all. It's so damn hard to make sure everyone has the right angles and is totally instagram-able.

7. Drinking Games This one is slightly naughty. We didn't actually play any drinking games on this weekend. One of the group was pregnant and I was still recovering. But normally, drinking games are a big hit on any kind of weekend away. (Although maybe not a work weekend). My personal favourite is 'I have never' as it always end up in naughty story telling and lots of giggles.

8. Inside Jokes These little weekend trips are always the breeding nest of inside jokes. The kinda jokes that make no sense to anyone else in the world. The kinda jokes that last years. The best kinda jokes.

What are your fave things about girly trips away?



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